Saturday, April 18, 2015


It was a gorgeous day - sunny and warm, and the flowers are starting to bloom and there are a few trees starting to get buds, and it is glorious. I love spring. The windows were open and the sun was shining in and all was right with the world.

We watched E.T. for pizza-movie night tonight. The kids saw it once before, years ago, at my mom's house, but this was our first time watching it, and since they didn't remember anything, it was essentially their first time. I still really like that movie. Houston made snarky comments all the way through the movie, but when it was over, he said that he really liked it. Zane was stressed out the entire movie - the music makes it seem like something terrible is going to happen any second, and he's very tuned in to the music in movies. He liked it once it was over and everyone was okay, although he did say, "Except for the part where he's almost dead in the river. That was gross." Katrina's still a little unsure. I think she liked it, but it was intense and she has to process it a bit more.

Afterwards, we were talking about swearing ("Don't say those words, kids."), and Zane said, "I only know one swear word."
Me: "Which one?"
Zane: "I'm not going to say it!"
Beth: "What does it start with?"
Zane: "An S."
Houston: "Is it 'stupid'?"
Zane: "No! I know that stupid isn't a swear word."
Me: "Is it the word that means poop?"
At which point all three kids laughed and looked at me like i was completely insane. Apparently they're not THAT educated about swear words yet.

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