Sunday, April 5, 2015


It's Easter!

After church, we went to my sister's house to celebrate with the whole family (or as close as we could get, since my brother Rick's family lives across the country), and we had a giant meal with way too much food for us all. It was delicious, and while it's always fun to sit and talk with everyone, it was extra-fun today, because it was the first Sunday dinner since my parents got back from their two months in Florida. Yay!

My mom had Easter eggs for everyone, so we hid the eggs all over the yard and then sent all of the kids off to find them. It was a lot longer and harder than we'd expected, because even the easy eggs were hard to find given the sheer size of my sister's yard. Each kid had 16 eggs, and they kept wandering around, muttering, "Only six more to go! Only five more to go!" while the adults gave helpful hints like, "Um, hey! I can see three of your eggs from where i'm standing right here!" In the end, and with a bit of a group effort for the last few, all of the eggs were re-located. It's a really good thing that we knew how many we were looking for, though!

I ran out last night to get chocolate Easter bunnies to but in my kids' baskets, because Zane was SO EXCITED about the chocolate bunny that he was SURE he was going to get. I just couldn't bear to disappoint him when i could make him fantastically happy for just $1.50. And, sure enough, he ripped it open and was ready to annihilate it immediately. I had to stop him to take a quick picture...and he first licked it before putting it back in the box, because he just needed to taste it. Right now!!!

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