Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Cleaning, sort of

It was WARM today. So warm and lovely. When we went to work in the yard, the kids were all wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts, and i was all, "You're overdressed!" And within 20 minutes, they'd all changed into shorts and t-shirts. Because it was WARM. And lovely.

And so we started spring cleaning, sort of. The yard and the garden, which were drowning in leaves, are now nearly leaf-free. As leaf-free as we could get them. We can see the growing plants and the little flowers that are coming up, and they all look so much happier.

The front porch, which has been collecting junk since last fall and basically had one little path that you could walk to get from the porch door to the front door, is now totally cleaned out and empty but for the things that actually belong there.

The back porch is clean.

The guinea pigs have a whole new set-up. Boshsquash is just a bigger guinea pig than Luna or Buttercup, and she couldn't fit through the tube that led upstairs. So, rather than try to somehow enlarge the tube, we just cut out the upstairs altogether and made a cute little set-up with a slightly higher area along two walls. Plus we changed things around a bit to hopefully make it much easier to clean the cage. Yay!

Meanwhile, Juanito worked on the coffee table he's making, the Lego table he's making for Houston, and his speaker. He fixed the gate to the backyard so that it's tall enough that Emma can't just jump over it. He put new wheels and tires on the Rio.

I feel like we accomplished a lot, and that's a great feeling.

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