Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Snippets of Wednesday

It was a gorgeous day today. I took Emma to the dog park, where a male dog completely wore her out simply by repeatedly (like, for an hour) trying to hump her. She was having none of it, and rejected him again and again, but he was persistent. Every time she'd stop moving, he'd mount her. (Seriously, dog! No means no!) Eventually another dog wanted in on the action, and the two of them fought over her, and the owner took him away. He was a nice dog, but MAN did he have a one-track mind.

I got to go out to lunch today with Beth and Keren. Yay! I love my friends. Getting to spend time just sitting and talking with good friends is the best.

Zane got to go to a church carnival with his best friend, Justin, and he came home full of smiles and with piles of cotton candy.

Katrina has wax theater tomorrow, and she's nervous. So nervous. She keeps asking questions like, "Is wax theater as horrible as i think it will be?" She's not a big fan of performing. She is totally ready, though - she's got her speech memorized, and her costume is adorable, and her money box is amazing. So as long as she doesn't completely lose her mind, she'll be great.

We had Zumba tonight. There was a massive traffic jam on the way there - we didn't go over 5 mph for a good 6 miles, so we were all really late. By the time Juanito got there, the zumba students had all moved everything around the room and had everything set up and ready to go. And then they were incredibly kind and understanding about starting and finishing late. His students are the best.

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