Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Also, it was a gorgeous spring day, so everything was happier.

For some reason, our internet didn't work at all, all day yesterday. Finally, after the kids were in bed (and after we'd tried everything we could try several times), i called Comcast to find out what was wrong. They ran their diagnostics, and told me, "Well, i don't want to insult you, but your modem is...old? So you need a new one." And so i planned to trade out our modem for a shiny new one this morning...except that this morning our internet was working completely fine. Technology.

In fifth grade, the kids do a wax theater project for history class, and it's a huge project. Katrina really wanted to be Betsy Ross, but by the time that she got to choose, Betsy was already taken, so she is Sybil Ludington, who was apparently "the female Paul Revere." Her poster and money box are due tomorrow. I think it's pretty obvious that Katrina did her poster almost entirely without any help - and it is adorable - and also that she had a wee bit of help making the money box.

My parents are home! Yay!!! They've been in Florida for the past two months, and we've all been missing them. Today my mom came over to hang out for a few hours, and it was lovely. 

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