Friday, April 3, 2015


I've been scanning and scanning old pictures into my computer, because right now they're in boxes and random photo books that just sit on my shelf, and i never look at them, and i'm always a little bit worried that they're going to get lost or damaged or ruined somehow. If they're on my computer, then they're safe, but more importantly, i can use them for things! I use them for my screen saver! I can think, "I need a picture of such and such," and instead of thinking, "Nope. Impossible to find," i can just quick search for it on my computer! I can use the pictures for books! So many possibilities!

So while i'm scanning, i'm (obviously) looking at all these old pictures, and that makes me all nostalgic. Look at my cute grandparents! They were so awesome! I miss them! Look at us when we were little! Awww. We were cute! Look at what a terrible photographer i was! I really have gotten better!

Look at how many exclamation points i've already used in just two paragraphs!

Anyhow. Back to the present. 

Katrina's in fifth grade, which, even when i was young, means that it's time for the school to split the boys and the girls into separate groups and teach them about puberty. Yay! I asked Katrina about it afterwards, and she was extremely matter-of-fact about the whole thing. "Some of the kids were SO embarrassed. I don't know why." I asked her if she learned anything new, and she thought for a second and then said, "No." 

What i do think is odd is that they spend 2-3 days talking about stuff. The first day seems to be about puberty and getting your period and what to expect with all of that. On the second day, they talked about HIV and AIDS. I asked her if they talked about sex at all, and she said that they didn't. I asked her, "So ... how did they say that you could get AIDS then?" and she said, "They just said that you could get it by doing sex or sharing needles or becoming blood siblings." But they didn't explain what "doing sex" meant. (I'm sure it's because parents would object, but explaining one without the other just seems...incomplete.)

As long as we're talking about that talk, allow me to tell you my memory of when i was in 5th grade. They invited the mothers to come to the class with their daughters, and then they showed us a movie that was probably made in the late 60s. It was cheesy and really out-of-date, and at one point, one of the girls (who was wearing a really, really short skirt) was all, "Will anyone know when i have my period?" And my mom leaned over to me and whispered, "If you bend down they will!" I was SO embarrassed. The end.

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