Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Back in October, our city held a "Pirate Day," wherein anyone who wanted to participate could walk around to various locations and pick up pieces of a pirate costume (hat, eye patch, etc.). Those of us who participated were encouraged to put a picture on Instagram. So we did the whole thing, and it was fun, and then a week or two later, i got a message saying that we'd won 4 tickets to the Public Museum and the Pirate exhibit and also the Planetarium. Yay!

So today we went to the museum and the pirate exhibit and the planetarium. Fun! The Pirate exhibit was fine. Not the best thing i've ever been to, but interesting enough. The kids enjoyed it. And they really enjoyed walking around the other exhibits in the museum (honestly, they have pretty low expectations, apparently, because our museum is pretty boring for the most part). But i think that my favorite thing was the Planetarium, mostly because i just love planetariums. I could want to go and just have them show us the stars and the constellations. (They did that a bit, and then they did a movie about going back to the moon.)

And...Katrina just started throwing up. So. The rest of the week is entirely up for grabs now.

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