Friday, April 10, 2015

Back at the mall!

When i gave my kids coupons for Christmas, i gave them each 6 - one for every two months. It's not that many! Yet today i found myself back at the mall for the second day in a row, this time with Zane. He highly approves of the Blizzard. He also really liked the book store, where he bought the final Minecraft book that he was missing, the toy store, and Hot Topic. (I kept him in the one little corner of the store where they have all of the Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Star Wars, and Sherlock stuff. They seem to keep that area pretty child-safe.)

Shopping with Zane is hilarious, in that he loves to talk. To anyone. Everyone. One of the workers at Hot Topic came over to check on us, and Zane spent five minutes talking to her about which books are better than the movies and what she likes and whether Hello Kitty is awesome. As we walked past Barnes and Noble, he wanted to go back inside and tell the people who worked there "Thank you for having such a great store!" And as we were leaving, some people walked by us speaking Spanish, and Zane (who had been temporarily distracted by a bottle cap he was picking up for Houston) asked me if i'd said, "Hola" to them. I told him no, because i didn't know them, and he said, "OH! A lot of times i just like to say hello to people when i'm walking past them! Even if i don't know them!"

On the way home from the mall, as we were driving past downtown, i noticed that they've made significant progress in tearing down the old newspaper building downtown. So we grabbed everyone else and drove back downtown to look at the destruction up close. Because *I* don't care much about demolition but Juanito and Houston are both very interested. In fact, as we were walking away back to the car, Houston was asking questions about how one gets into the demolition field. Particularly the implosion-related part.

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