Saturday, April 4, 2015


Juanito's work had tickets to a hockey game tonight, and his boss was all, "If you don't take them, they won't get used at all! And it's your fatherly duty to take your kids to a game!" And ... new experiences and whatnot.

So we went to a hockey game tonight. Zane enjoyed it. Katrina suddenly developed a fear of heights, and kept leaning on me and whimpering, "I just don't like this. I feel like i'm going to fall!" Houston didn't appreciate the loudness of it all. So! Success for one out of three! One out of five, if you count Juanito and me.

(I'm a terrible fan. They're all, "Let's make some noise!" and i'm all, "No. Thank you." And they're all, "Chant this thing again!" and i'm all, "I've already done that for you. Twice. You can't make me do it again." Truly, it's just loud. LOUD. And it's complete sensory overload - the second the action stops on the ice, they start playing loud music and show stuff on the screen, and then they'll cut the music off mid-phrase to go back to the ice, but then they'll start chanting, and then they'll cut to something else. It's not my cup of tea.)

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