Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Katrina's friend and her little sister were here all day today, so Katrina and Zane were pretty much entertained with them. The kids were outside most of the day, riding their scooters, playing in the sprinkler or with the hose, and exploring the "forest."

Houston had asked his friend if she could maybe watch Emma, and she called back this morning to say, "My parents say no." He was about to just end the conversation there, but i whispered, "Talk to her!" So he was all, "So... how... are you?" all awkwardly. It was awesome. Once she answered and the conversation was begun, it was much, much less awkward and kind of hilarious and adorable to listen to. They talked for about half an hour. At one point he described, in detail, what every member of our family had been doing this summer, and then asked what her family was up to, to which she seemed to reply, "Um...i don't know?" which completely gobsmacked him. How could she not know!? Did she not know in general? Or specifically???

Emma, meanwhile, completely knows that something is going on, and she's very unhappy about it. She follows me around, looking at me pathetically and bringing me shoes in the hopes that it will make me stop doing this packing thing.

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