Thursday, June 18, 2015


I just realized that if our marriage was a baby, this would be the birthday where it would be legal to drink. I'm pretty sure that that makes us officially old!

So today was our 21st anniversary. Twenty-one years since the afternoon that we said our "I do"s, and i'm so very glad that we did!

We went to Noodles to celebrate with the kids, since it's kind of the sort of thing that the whole family should celebrate. I mean, if it weren't for our getting married, none of the kids would be here, a fact that the kids talked about in depth. "So if you'd given birth to me one day later, i'd be a completely different person!?" (Me: "Well, no. Once you were conceived, it didn't matter when you were born. But if you'd been conceived one day later, you'd be a whole different person!")

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