Wednesday, June 24, 2015


That's the only picture i took today, so it's the one i'm using. She was sleeping. Tongue out, eyes partly open, totally relaxed.

So we've been searching far and wide for someone - almost anyone - to be willing to take Emma for the time that we're gone. Everyone is either also going to be gone or they have small children or they have pets that would be uncooperative or they some other very good reason. Or they just don't want to, which is also completely valid. We asked seriously everyone, and finally gave up and turned to the boarding places, which were mostly booked, except for the one at our vet.

So i made a reservation for her and asked about how much time she'd actually have to spend in her kennel, and the answer was: Pretty much all of it. They get let out a few times a day, but that's it. And they never get to play with other dogs. And if we want her to have a human play with her, it's $7 a session.

I spent the day being completely sad and anxious, because THAT'S JUST MEAN. Seriously, like, i kind of think that Emma would come home broken and anxiety-ridden.

My mom called at about 7:00 to tell me that they'd be willing to take her, as long as it's okay if she spends time in her crate or outside sometimes, and i was like, "OH MY GOSH, YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Because Emma will die without any human cuddles or attention.

So now i can breathe again.

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