Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day!

It's Father's Day! The day to celebrate both my dad (who is a fantastic father!) and Juanito (who is the best dad i could possibly want for my kids!).

We didn't actually do a very good job of celebrating today, actually. Juanito wanted grilled chicken for lunch, which meant that he did most of the work for that. And then i was working on stuff for the trip, and he was doing something with his soldering iron, and suddenly it was time to go to my parents' house.

We picked up a giant pizza and brought it to their house to share, and then hung around for a few hours to talk and catch up a little bit. My sister Jill came, and my brother Jim and his family came, and we had fun watching little Harrison play in the middle of all of us.

Houston is totally starting to get older. While we were at my parents' house today, he spent the first couple of hours hanging out, listening to the adults talk, and only went to play with Katrina and Zane for the last hour or so. 

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