Saturday, June 20, 2015

Getting ready

In preparation for our trip west, Katrina, Beth, and i all got hair wraps. I did Katrina's, and Juanito did mine and Beth's. They're all really cute and happy. Yay!

Truly, our day was filled with a lot of preparation for the trip. Juanito worked on making a fancy net-thing out of rope to hold the luggage to the roof. I got everyone's laundry clean and folded so we can pack it up.

I put audio books on the kids' mp3 players, and Katrina and Zane both disappeared to their rooms for the rest of the afternoon (3-4 hours) to listen to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Katrina was all, "Well, but i've already read Harry Potter, so that doesn't count, right?" And Zane's got something like 25 different Magic Tree House books and 2 Percy Jacksons, so i think he'll have enough to listen to on the road.

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