Sunday, June 7, 2015

First Sunday in June.

After church we went to my sister's house for dinner with the whole family. The kids played and the adults talked, and a good time was had by all. (I assume. I guess i can't know that for certain.) We didn't stay a long time - Juanito had started a "clean out the garage" project yesterday and really wanted to get it finished, and i am not about to stop anything that starts with "Juanito had started a clean out the garage project."

He took all the wood scraps that have been laying around the floor and burned them up, making a perfect fire for s'mores. We ate dinner earlyish and then had s'mores and then found ourselves with lots of sunlight left for playing outside. The kids rode bikes and ran around and petted neighborhood dogs and played with the baton.

I talked to my next-door neighbor, who is honestly a really nice person. She explained the different kinds of brittle bone disease, and talked about chicken pox (except she called it chicken pops, and i half wanted to correct her and half wanted to change the official name to chicken pops). I think that she's had an incredibly difficult life, and she's handled it better than a lot of people would have, and even though i probably would never become good friends with her, i respect her quite a lot.

And to finish the night off, Houston challenged me to a game of "Big Brain Academy" on the Wii. Challenge accepted. 

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