Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A trip to the library

We made a trip to the library today. Zane spent the entire time reading books but insisted that he didn't want to take any home. "I just don't like reading books more than once," says the boy who listens to Harry Potter on repeat day and night.

I found a book about how to be a spy and showed Katrina, and she promptly disappeared into it and didn't stick her nose out from it again until we left. "It says that women make better spies than men. Because we're more trustworthy. Also, that dishonesty is a spy's best friend...." (Me: "Yes. But if you're dishonest around people who know you, then that doesn't work. And we'll stop trusting you." Her: "Oh." Sad face.) She also decided to buy a used book to make a secret compartment. Her first choice was a pink and purple book with a giant rose on it with the title, "Guilty Pleasures." I laughed and told her that that book was completely not appropriate for an 11-year-old to even pretend to be reading.

Houston looked on Goodreads, found dozens of books that he's interested in reading, and looked up every single one of them to see if he could check them out. He came home with five. He's had his nose buried deep in a book ever since.

Tonight i got to go to Beth's house to have dinner and hang out with Beth, Karla, and Diana. I just really like my friends. 

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