Saturday, June 6, 2015

Festival of the Arts!

It's the first weekend of June, which means that today was the Festival of the Arts! Yay!

We went downtown this afternoon and watched some accordion players and some Scottish dancers, and then we headed over to the paint-in. Houston first went to the paint-in when he was technically too young, and he's gone every year, including this one, where he was technically too old. (I honestly didn't know the age limit either time. I'm apparently great at following rules but terrible at paying attention to signs telling me what they are. So if i KNEW, i'd obey, but i'm just...clueless.) So this was his 11th year, i think. Sniff. (Sunrise, sunset!)

Zane dribbled paint all over hià la Jackson Pollock. When he came out, Juanito and i were all, "I like your painting!" and he said, "I accidentally dripped some, so then i HAD to do that. I don't like it at all. It's terrible." Katrina painted an ice cream cone, and Houston randomly painted a banana with "I am a duck" in giant font. 

We wandered through the art, we sat and watched dancers and then went to see the story-tellers, and by that time we were all famished. Juanito went to get the car while the rest of us started walking toward home, and by the time he got to us, we'd made it nearly all the way home already. (We're speedy!) 

And then we had waffles and ice cream for dinner. Because we did. Shut up. It's totally healthy.

And then Beth, Juanito, and i went back to Festival to see "The Mines" play. Our worship leader is in the band, and Beth loves them, so we went to see them, and they were great. Right before them was a dance group that i was completely impressed by. While the other dance groups have lots of songs with really ... hootchie moves (Future strippers of America, as Beth said), this one was really classic and appropriate, and i can actually imagine wanting my children to learn dance there. It was refreshing.

First day of summer vacation! Win!

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