Friday, June 12, 2015


Katrina has been asking if her friend Alex could come over and play - or if she could go there - since the very first afternoon that school let out. (I mean, to be fair, she asks fairly regularly anyhow, but she started asking in earnest, and often, after summer vacation started.) Yesterday we went and got Alex from her daycare, had her until her mom picked her up after work, and then got her back at 8:00 so that she could sleep over and had her until 5:00 today. I am hoping that that will sate Katrina's need to have her over for at least a few days.

As to why Katrina used a marker to make herself look like a cat, i cannot explain that.

Beth and Keren came over for pizza-movie night tonight. We watched Paddington, which i was super, super hesitant about wanting to watch, based on the horrible previews that made it seem like a lot of potty humor. I was quite pleasantly surprised that it was really sweet and enjoyable. (Thanks, Beth, for making me watch it!) (Okay, actually, she didn't MAKE me watch it. She just said, "Maybe i'll watch it with your kids next weekend when you're not around...." And then i had to agree to watch it, because what if it was good and i missed out on enjoying it with them?! I'm so ridiculous.)

After we threw the kids in bed, we sat and talked and talked and reminisced and laughed. Friends are the best.

And, since it was a rainy day, that's pretty much all we did all day. That and read. And watch some Doctor Who. 

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