Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dutch Royalty!

The king and queen of the Netherlands was in town today, and someone who was connected with the venue or ... something is also connected to the kids' school, and...voila! Our kids' school was invited to attend the royal visit! They were all given bright orange t-shirts with "Dutch Royal Visit" badges and little pins with American and Dutch flags crossing. They got to sit right up front, close to the stage. Katrina took her camera and took pictures of the royal couple.

I'm kind of jealous!

I made sure to tell them yesterday and this morning how very, very exciting it is, because if our ancestors hadn't moved to America, that would be OUR king and queen. (Zane: "Really?! WOW! ... What are ancestors?")

They we somewhat less than completely impressed, however. Houston was all, "I couldn't even tell who they were. I thought the old people sitting by them were the king and queen. These guys were like...in their 20's." (King Willem-Alexander is actually 48, for the record.) And Katrina was all, "I learned that Dutch people don't have an accent. They sounded just like us."

I think that, when your idea of kings and queens comes from books and movies, seeing a real, live king and queen (without crowns, wearing normal clothes) is probably a bit of a let-down. Thanks a lot, Disney.

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