Monday, June 8, 2015

End of school year interviews

What was the best thing you did in school this year?
Katrina: Michigan's Adventure
Houston: Having fun with my friends during lunch and sometimes classes
Zane: Science

What was your favorite thing you learned in school this year?
Katrina: All the body systems, like how you breathe and how you digest stuff and how you go to the bathroom....
Houston: What individual countries in Africa are like, like the economy and stuff.
Zane: How your ears work

Who were your best friends in school this year?
Katrina: Alex, Jackie, Madison.
Houston: Anthony, Aidan, Melody, Chauncey, Zoe, Morgan, and Brandon
Zane: Levi and Antonio

What was the worst thing in school this year?
Katrina: Being absent twice.
Houston: Getting a bad grade in Spanish.
Zane: Music, because i don't really like singing, and the music teacher was really mean.

What is your favorite class?
Katrina: Social studies or math
Houston: Either Social Studies or Language Arts.
Zane: Science

What's something you learned in math?
Katrina: Long division.
Houston: How to graph stuff like slope, and the hypotenuse of triangles.
Zane: Fractions - adding and subtracting and multiplying them

What was your favorite art project?
Katrina: A giant pink flower with a black background made with oil pastels and paint
Houston: An abstract drawing made from a picture that was not abstract
Zane: The pop-up geckos.

What was your favorite book you read?
Katrina: "A Dog's Life" - about a dog from when it was a puppy and her life, but she was a stray for half of her life.
Houston: "Out of the Dust" - about the dust bowl and a girl who was basically right in the middle of it, and about her life.
Zane: "100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet" - Animals, weather, and natural disasters that are dangerous, and how to survive them

What do you like about your teacher?
Katrina: She's nice and she has good ideas of what to do if one class gets behind, how to catch up.
Houston: My favorite teacher was my homeroom and science teacher, and she was really nice, and when we had free time, she didn't make us do things like study hall - she let us read books or watch student news or watch movies.
Zane: How kind she is.

What are you looking forward to this summer?
Katrina: Going to South Dakota!!!
Houston: Going to Colorado and South Dakota. And being lazy.
Zane: Going to Colorado. I've never really been to a wedding!

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