Thursday, June 11, 2015


There's a house down the street that's been abandoned for a couple of years now. According to my neighbor (who's lived here for years and seems to know everything about the neighborhood) it was previously owned by a baptist minister who impregnated all three of his special needs daughters, bought a convenience store, molested a bunch of little boys, went to jail and died soon after being imprisoned. The upstairs windows were kept boarded up, and his wife and daughter(s) lived their with their even more special needs (due to the limited gene pool) children. Horrible conditions were finally realized by authorities, and the house was abandoned and declared a hazard. It sat empty for 2-4 years, until today.

This afternoon, we stood across the street for an hour and a half and watched it get completely demolished. It was crazy, watching something go from being a house to being a pile of rubble that quickly. There were Duran Duran posters still hanging on the bedroom walls as they were being smashed to bits.

Houston declared it, "The best thing that's ever happened in our neighborhood!"

It WAS pretty cool.

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