Wednesday, August 12, 2015


My mom, my sister Chellie and her kids, my kids, and i went to Shipshewana today. I've been talking about wanting to bring my kids there for years, but we've just never made it. I finally decided that this summer, we just HAD to go, and since the flea market is only open on Tuesday and Wednesday, and this was the ONLY Tuesday or Wednesday that was going to work for the rest of the summer, we were going to go today. Even though that's slightly insane, given that we're leaving for Kentucky tomorrow.

The kids had no idea what to expect and were fairly ho-hum about the idea of going, but they all loved it. We walked and walked and walked around the flea market for hours. The kids bought random stuff, but at really good prices. Houston and Zane both bought fedoras. All three kids bought laser pointers that can change to show pictures. Katrina and Houston bought the softest material in the world, for me to hem into blankets for them. There were trinkets and candy and books bought. And they all declared it awesome.

We left the flea market and went to a fabric store and a grocery store. We saw Amish people in their buggies and on their bicycles. We saw lots of Mennonite people in the shops. It was a whole experience, and the kids totally enjoyed it. Yay!

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