Friday, August 7, 2015

Camping and not camping

Zane missed the Cub Scout camping trip when we were in South Dakota, and he was really disappointed. So tonight, Juanito and Zane are camping. They're out somewhere in the woods in a not-campground, just parked in a State Park, hiked in, digging a hole for a bathroom.

Zane is wearing all camouflage, so that the bears and wolves can't find him.

Meanwhile, Katrina, Houston, Beth, and i are staying home and watched the sixth Harry Potter movie. We can't watch any of the Harry Potter movies past 2 while Zane is home, so we have to try to fit them in when he's otherwise occupied. The kids have approximately the same response to the movies that i do: Love the actors, like some of the movie, completely disappointed by all the stuff left out, irritated about the stuff changed. I've made it a rule that no out-loud complaining is allowed, because otherwise it's just constant wails of, "That never happened!!!!"

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