Monday, August 3, 2015


Katrina's been thinking about getting her hair cut for a couple of weeks. One day she was all, "So i think i want to get my hair cut short!" and i was all, "Really? Awesome! But...let's wait a little while and make sure you're REALLY sure before we do that."

So she thought about it and worried about it and really wanted to but was worried that she wouldn't like it, because she hasn't had short hair since she was really little. And she finally decided that yes. She wanted it cut.

She wanted a cute bob. A little longer than chin length. We described it to the hair dresser and showed her a picture, and she was all, "Do you want me to make it more stacked in the back, though?" and we said, "Well, not really. I mean, don't just cut it a straight cut. Make it a tiny bit layered, so it looks cute. But mostly just one length." And she was all, "But do you want me to cut it a little bit stacked so that it doesn't look triangular?" And i was all, "Um? I guess a tiny bit? But mostly one length?"

She totally stacked the back. Like...a lot. It's way, way shorter in the back than i would have chosen.

But Katrina loves it. She was all, "It's like a pixie cut! But longer!" (Me: "..... I guess? Except...not.") All the way home, she was all, "I LOVE IT! It feels so weird! But i LOVE IT!" And it is really, really cute. Adorably cute. And she'll be able to just brush it and let it be, and it'll still be cute. Yay!

And, since she donated her hair to Locks of Love, some child is going to get an awesome wig.

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