Monday, August 17, 2015

Kentucky: Day 5

One of the things that the kids have been talking about for the past two years is the lemonade stand that they did the last time we were in Kentucky in the summer. They had grand plans about having a lemonade stand again this time, and planned and planned and asked a million times if they could do it today? How about today? Today?

This morning they had their lemonade stand. The still don't know how much they made, but it was "at least a dollar each." That's actually not bad, considering that it was drizzling AND they're on a street with very little traffic. They had a great time, though, and are trying to figure out if they can bring the sign back to Michigan with us.

This afternoon we went into Lexington. Juanito's mom teaches a zumba class there, nearly next door to a big book store. We hung out at the book store while she taught for an hour - Juanito read magazines, Houston found a book by Rick Riordan, which he spent the entire time reading, Katrina found a dozen books that she wanted, Zane read little kid books the entire time, and i looked for books that i'll want to read in the future. Houston and Katrina each bought a book, which they've been absorbed in ever since.

Juanito's mom treated us all to frozen yogurt, which was delicious. We drove to Thoroughbred Park, which we've been to lots of times, but not in several years. The kids remember it fondly and climbed all over the horses for ages. They'd have spent longer climbing on and off and on and off and showing off for the camera, but eventually i declared that *I* was going to go walk over to *that* part of the park, and they all kind of followed.

And tonight we visited one of Juanito's mom's friends. The kids had all requested that we visit her, mostly because she's just really sweet (and she has a lovely Kenyan accent), but also because they love the samosas that she makes. She didn't disappoint and had a whole slew of samosas, which the kids ate with glee. Houston and Katrina eventually declared themselves stuffed. I think that Zane ate at least a dozen and would STILL have eaten more if i hadn't eventually cut him off. They all fell over each other trying to tell her stories. There's something about her that they just love. It's adorable.

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