Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kentucky: Days 3 & 4

Yesterday we went to a fair at Fort Harrod. The fair itself was kind of lame (in my opinion), but we went into the fort for $1 each, and that was interesting enough. I'm pretty sure that everything was a reproduction, but it was still fun for the kids to see what things were like in the 1800's. Also at the fair was a car show, which was very interesting to Juanito and JJ and sort of the boys and not so much interesting to Katrina and me.

Today we talked to Phoebe on Skype, and then headed back out to the farm to bring JJ home. The kids caught crayfish and played in the stream and looked for chickens. Emma ran after the 4x4 and ran through the creek and ran after the other dogs and ran some more.

And then we came back to the house, and Lauren came over, which was just lovely. We haven't seen her in a couple of years, and it was just really great to be able to see her again. More of Juanito's mom's friends came over, and we sat around the fire and talked and ate brats. And eventually everyone fell into bed, exhausted. 

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