Friday, August 14, 2015

Kentucky, day 2

We spent the afternoon and evening at the farm where Juanito's dad and JJ live. They have chickens and a goat and 3 dogs, a lot of space to run and play, and a little 4x4. (Also lots of other stuff, but those are the things my kids and dog are most interested in.)

Houston held the chickens for a lot of the time, putting them down only long enough to either eat or go out on the 4x4. Katrina held chickens, pet the goat, and loved looking for crayfish. Zane threw rocks by the driveway, threw rocks into the river, threw rocks into the woods.... They all had fun, anyhow.

Emma was slightly afraid of JJ's giant dog, Zeus, so she didn't want to just play with him this time. She was very interested in the goat, until the goat headbutted her. She was interested in chasing the chickens when they were running, but as soon as they slowed down or stopped, she lost interest. She played with the little dog.

After dinner, JJ drove the 4x4 with me in the passenger seat and all three kids in the back, and Juanito drove a little trail bike, and we all drove around the property a bit. I was slightly terrified the entire time, because it really felt like we were going to roll over at any second, and i was picturing my kids in a tangle of limbs underneath the vehicle. Everyone else thought it was awesome, though. Emma ran alongside, and was the happiest dog in the world. The kids chanted her name in support. After we'd been riding along for quite a while, with Emma cheerfully running next to my side where she could see me, JJ slowed down to turn onto a different path. Suddenly, Emma got extremely worried that the 4x4 was ... eating us? She started barking at the tires and trying to eat them as she ran. At one point, she was so busy trying to get the tires that she completely ran into a tree. It would have been sad if she'd been hurt, but she just seemed surprised, and so it was kind of completely hilarious to JJ and me. (Nobody else noticed.)

We drove down to the little creek, and Houston and Katrina hunted for teensy little crayfish while Zane threw rocks into the bigger pools and the dogs all trotted through the creek water. Fun!

JJ came back with us to stay in Wilmore, so we get to hang out with him again tomorrow. Yay!

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