Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pallets and Harrison and Spy

This afternoon, Juanito was all, "Hey! Want to go do something with me?!" I was all, "Yes! Probably?" So we drove to a parking lot to haul three giant oak pallets onto the the top of the van. The first one weighed about 200 pounds, and we were struggling to lift it onto our van when a couple of men stopped and volunteered to help. (Sometimes being a woman is helpful. Nobody would stop to help a couple of men.) We secured the pallets with bungee cords and drove them home and then hauled them back off the car so that Juanito could rip them apart. Hopefully they'll turn into awesome furniture.

This afternoon we got to go celebrate my little nephew Harrison, who just turned one. He's completely adorable, and it was a fun party.

And then tonight i went to a movie with Beth. "Spy." I'd seen it before with Juanito, but it was just as hilarious the second time, although i did have several moments of, "Oh yeah. I forgot about THAT." And then i'd get all nervous, because i'd told Beth that i really liked it, and i was afraid that she'd be all, "Geez, Karen!" But then it would be hilarious again, and i just still really liked it. (So did she.) (I think.)

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