Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tylenol is our friend!

Katrina woke up this morning and whimpered, "I don't feel good at ALL! My stomach hurts and when i stand up i'm all wobbly."

Now, if it were Houston, i'd be a bit more suspicious that he were actually sick, but this is Katrina, who's gotten the "Perfect attendance" award nearly ever year she's been in school. So i took her temperature - 100.1. Not extremely high, but definitely a fever. So i called her in sick and gave her a Tylenol.

An hour later, she was bouncing around downstairs, babbling away like she was the most cheerful girl in the world, with not a trace of fever. She continued babbling and bouncing for about 3 hours, until suddenly she got quiet and complained of not feeling good, and once again - fever! Another Tylenol, and she was good as new again.

Tylenol! The miracle drug! Yay!

The movie theater near us does "Ladies Night" every few months when there's a movie that they deem "girly" or something. They've done it with the Hunger Games movies, "The Fault in our Stars," and maybe the Twilight movies? And lots of other ones i can't remember right now. It's $5 more than a normal ticket, and it includes pop, popcorn, and dinner. It's kind of an awesome deal. So we go when it's a movie we want to see.

Tonight was "Insurgent," the second Divergent movie. It was.... Well. It was a movie. It did not so much follow the book. But it was fun to go out with friends! Yay, friends!

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