Wednesday, March 25, 2015

RIP Lulu

Lulu was our favorite guinea pig. She's the one who was SO cuddly and adorable (and would crawl over people to get to me because she loved me the most). (Except...also Katrina. She loved Katrina the most too.) She started getting a goopy eye a couple of months ago, and has been sick-ish, but seemed to be getting better.... Except apparently she wasn't. I'm so sad.

The kids are crushed in ways that are completely typical of themselves. Katrina is the saddest thing in the universe and would very much like to curl up somewhere and just mourn. Zane is in the depths of despair one second and completely happy the next and full of questions ("Where should we bury her? When can we get another guinea pig? Do you think that Buttercup is really sad because she misses her friend?") the next. Houston is just kind of taking it stoically.

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