Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lunch with Zane

Zane redeemed his "Go out to lunch with Mom during school lunch" coupon today, and he was SO excited. He ran to meet me without a coat or anything, because he was just too excited to bother with things like "coats" or "hats."

It always surprises me a little bit how extroverted Zane is, because the first 2 years of his life, he was So. Not. Like that. As a baby, he DID NOT want to go to anyone but me. Juanito was an acceptable backup sometimes, but he was ultra-clingy to me. At the time, i thought, "Okay. He's going to be an introvert," but in hindsight, it was less of a "I don't like other people!" thing and probably more of a "I don't like new things!" thing. (He's still not a huge fan of trying new things.)

So we walked from school with Zane chatting, chatting, chatting. And we drove to Wendy's with Zane chatting, chatting, chatting. And then Zane chose a table in the sunniest, most in-the-open spot, and then we chatted some more. He's SO social and sweet and i love him like crazy. At one point, i said, "Tell me some things about yourself that i might not know," and he immediately said, "Well, my favorite color used to be brown, but now it's neon pink. And my favorite musician is Taylor Swift. And my favorite song of hers is 'Blank Space.'...."

I love this age. I love his enthusiasm for everything. And i love that each of my kids has such a distinct and lovely personality. 

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  1. I seriously miss my grandkids! Can't wait to spend time with them again. And I miss you too!!!!!