Sunday, March 29, 2015

New pets!

In the past two days, we've added three new pets to our household. Pictured above is Houston holding Yinyang, so named because she's black and white. Ever since Katrina got her hermit crab (Luna) and then learned that hermit crabs are totally social beings who like to talk to each other and are sad if they're alone, she's been asking if we can go get another hermit crab. So today, since we had a bit of time, the kids and i went to the pet store and came home with Yinyang for Houston and Tsunami for Katrina. Both crabs are incredibly active and, according to Katrina, Tsunami is "Adventurous and a strategist," while Yinyang "is going to win every race ever because she's just really fast."

They're all set up in their new home, and i've already watched Tsunami climb to the top of the pagoda and then fall through. And while i was trying to take that picture, Yinyang completely ran off Houston's hand and crashed to the floor. So, so far, Katrina is completely right.

Also, the very day after Lulu died, one of Juanito's zumba students put on facebook that she had a guinea pig that she needed to give away, and did anyone want one, please? So... yesterday we also got a new guinea pig. Her name is Boshsquash. It used to be "The indominable P.I.G" or some such ridiculousness, but we renamed her. She's adorable - dark brown and cuddly and really big, but has so far spent her first day and a half in our house getting pushed around by Buttercup (our other guinea pig). Poor thing.

I'm a little bit nervous about having so many pets. I don't think i'm necessarily a very good pet owner, so having SIX animals depending on me is a bit nerve-wracking.

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