Monday, March 16, 2015


This week is Spirit Week at school. I really want to like spirit week. I remember having Spirit Week in high school, and it was always things like "twin day!" or "crazy hair day!" or "backwards day!" and everyone would just kind of ... wear their clothes differently. But NOW, those are passe or something, because the days are so much more work. Today was "Dress like your favorite comic book character or super hero!" Which...geez. I don't have costumes sitting around for super heroes.

We DO, however, have capes. We made those for the kids several years ago, so YAY! The kids made up super heroes and we called it good. Zane was "Boy boy." He can fly and also sees things like a fly does. (Why not "Fly boy"? I don't know.) Katrina was "Girly girl." Her super-power is giving bad makeovers. And Houston was "Gas Mask Man," and he went to school and his teacher was all, "You're Golden Age Sandman!" Houston said, " I'm Gas Mask Man." And his teacher told him to Google it...and lo, he is, undoubtedly, Sandman.

If only he'd worn a suit and tie.

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