Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today's Spirit Week day was "Heritage Day." The obvious choice for us is Dutch, since my kids are more than 50% Dutch...but i have NOTHING Dutch to put them in. If i'd had enough warning, i probably could have scrounged stuff together from random people, but...nope.

So we went with Irish. They have at least SOME Irish in them, from Juanito's dad's side. (I think.) I'm...not even actually sure what proper Irish would have been, but...we can do St. Patrick's day Irish! (I fail at this one. Sorry, kids.) Zane thought about it for a minute and decided to just straight up skip even dressing up at all today. Shrug.

Beth and i went for a long walk today and took Emma with us. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, though it was also kind of really colder than i expected. I was happy that i grabbed my hat and gloves at the last minute.

As we were walking, Emma spotted some breadsticks that someone left on the corner by the highway and she wanted those breadsticks. I didn't want her to have them, so she decided to fight for them. She pulled and twisted and popped her collar right off. (It was the collar that goes over her nose, so she was still wearing her normal collar.) (Apparently she bit it a week or two ago? She cracked the plastic, but it was still strong enough that Juanito couldn't yank it apart, so he assumed that it was still fine.) I tried to grab her, but she snatched up the breadsticks and took off across the street. We chased her to the parking lot, where she evaded us while gulping down the breadsticks as fast as she could. And then, apparently hoping that she'd missed some, she took off BACK across the street. I chased after her, and she started running down the exit ramp toward the highway. She changed her mind about 1/4 way down the ramp and ran back to the parking lot, where she found a stranger who would pet her. Beth and i both ran over yelling, "PLEASE grab her collar!!!!!"

After that, i clicked the leash onto BOTH collars, which worked, although a couple more times she tried to twist and pull out of her collars, and i had to grab her neck to stop her, because I DON'T TRUST THE COLLARS ANYMORE! She's just too strong for her own good.

Thanks for the mini-heart attack, though, Emma. Sheesh.

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