Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pinewood Derby

This morning was the Boy Scout's pinewood derby. Zane was really thrilled about it. It was his first pinewood derby, and everything about it was super exciting. He loved his car. He got to see his friends. He got to eat cake.

Juanito made his own car, with a whole theory of how, if all of the weight was suspended in the middle with some rubberbands, it would be unbeatable. He was really excited to race it and test out his theory. Turns out, his theory may have been good, but the car itself was...not the fastest. It was about as fast as Zane's, which is to say...slow. Not the slowest cars, but firmly in the middle-back.

Zane didn't seem to care at all that he didn't win. He was too excited about the candy bars that we got to bring home for him to sell.

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