Sunday, March 15, 2015


My nephew, "A," turned 3 today, so my sister invited us to her house to celebrate with them. Most of my family was there, so we got to catch up a bit and hang out. Most of the year, we get together with my family every other Sunday, and it's awesome, because i really like my family. But my parents have been in Florida for the past month and a half, and we were practically in hibernation during February, only leaving the house when we had to, because...COLD. And so i haven't seen most of my family since the end of January. Yay for getting to see family again! (Also, yay for my nephew's birthday!)

Last year, Zane chose one of his cars and gave it to A for his birthday, and A loved it, which made Zane feel like he'd given the best present ever. So this year, he carefully chose 3 of his cars that he thought A would really like and wrapped them up and gave them to A for his birthday. And then watched with glee as A unwrapped it. And then asked to have a picture taken with A and the cars. So sweet!

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