Saturday, March 14, 2015

Random Saturday

Katrina's friend Alex came over for a lot of today, and the two of them spent the entire day going outside on their scooters and then upstairs to listen to music and then outside to wander around taking pictures and then upstairs to do ... whatever it is 11-year-old girls do together. We brought Alex home after about 4-5 hours, and as we were driving home, Katrina was all quiet and melancholy. I asked her what was wrong, and she responded, "I'm just lonely."

While Katrina was distracted by Alex, the boys delved into their inner nerd and spent a couple of hours organizing their Pokemon cards into binders. And then re-organizing them. And then showing me or each other and then RE-organizing them. Pokemon and Minecraft - two things that my kids love that i just Do. Not. Understand.

Stephanie offered to babysit tonight so that Juanito and i could go to a talk by Dan Allender at church tonight, and i like Dan Allender, so i immediately took her up on that. (She came early to eat dinner with us, and the boys fell over each other trying to show her all of their Pokemon cards.) I find that, when i'm listening to Dan Allender, i'll be following along just fine, interested in what he's saying, and then all of a sudden i'm all, "Shoot. I have no idea what he just said." It could be because sometimes he says things in a way that i have to figure out what he's meaning, and then i forget to listen to the next part, or maybe i just get distracted? Anyhow, i just asked Juanito if he has a hard time listening too, and he said, "Well, no. Not anymore than any other speaker. But whenever i'm listening to someone else talk, i'm always also thinking about something else. Like...tonight i was thinking about how to make the lid on Houston's Lego thing stay on. And about Minecraft. And speakers." So.

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