Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Last night we got home from Harry Potter world, went to our own rooms, and all immediately fell asleep while trying to do other things. I was trying to post pictures and fell asleep mid-way through. I woke up briefly, put my computer on the ground, and then i don't think i moved again until i heard Beth's uncle leaving the house this morning. 

We all woke up this morning and realized that we are old, because ... So! Achy! It's what comes from standing on a hard surface all day, i think. We went to the hot tub first thing this morning, and by afternoon i felt fine again. 

Today was a "Relax and just hang out" kind of day. We went shopping. We had a party for Beth's niece's birthday. We swam. 

Keren and i were both saying tonight that it's amazing how very little we have read while we've been here. We've been too busy doing stuff (or talking) to read during the day, and by night i'm falling asleep immediately. Tomorrow we go to Universal again. More Harry Potter world! Yay!!!

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