Sunday, March 1, 2015

Florida! Day 2!

This morning, my mom and dad and Keren and Beth and i all piled into my parents' truck and headed to Downtown Disney, a little shopping center-type-place that's all Disney themed and fun. My dad was all, "We'll only want to be there for an hour," before we left, but we ended up being there for about 3 hours and totally could have stayed longer. We just walked around and went into the shops that interested us and took lots and lots of pictures and laughed a lot and had so much fun.

And then, after we had dropped Beth off back at home so that she could attend a shower for her cousin, the rest of us headed to "Sweet Tomatoes," which is the best buffet i've ever been to maybe. It was so, so good.

And eventually we finished, and my parents had to leave to go back to their own condo a couple of hours away. Sad. I'm so truly happy that they came up to visit with us. It was so much fun having them hang out with us for the weekend!

So when they were gone, Keren and i went down to the pool. It was just cool enough that neither of us really wanted to go in the big pool, so we sat and read and enjoyed the sunshine and the warmth for a while, and then we went into the hot tub before heading back home.

So! It was a really great day. Yay!

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