Thursday, July 6, 2017


Zane has always felt emotions deeply. Deeply and usually briefly. It does not take much to push him over the edge into misery. He'll be perfectly happy, and then suddenly he's in the depths of despair. There are times when he will disappear, and i'll find him curled up somewhere in a corner, weeping softly because his feelings were hurt. Even when he was tiny, he had the absolutely saddest sad face in the world. When he is sad, he is ALL THE SAD. He could not be any sadder. But fifteen minutes later, he's back to being completely cheerful.

Because the thing is, his general state of being is just really, truly happy. He's just genuinely gleeful as a rule.

I love this video, because it's such a perfect representation of Zaney. Bouncy and full of energy and just absolutely thrilled to be himself.

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  1. I love how similar Zane and Charlotte are!