Sunday, July 16, 2017


Katrina got a free frozen yogurt for reading enough hours, and she's been begging me to go with her ever since. And so this afternoon the two of us went on a date for frozen yogurt and shopping for her friend's birthday present. (Nothing like last minute shopping! We got the present and headed straight to the party. And Katrina chose a feather boa instead of tissue paper to put into the gift bag, and it was so absolutely perfect.) And then she was gone basically all day. It was a pool party, so she loved it, but they were swimming for 5 hours, so she was EXHAUSTED by bedtime!

Meanwhile, the boys and i just kind of hung out for the afternoon. Houston made dinner (macaroni and cheese, because Katrina doesn't like it), which is one of the reasons that having big kids really is sometimes the absolute best.

Tonight, i taught the kids how to make "zentangles," which is just basically a fancy way of doodling, and Katrina and Houston immediately jumped in, while Zane had a mini-breakdown because it wasn't turning out the way he wanted, until he started over and got a ruler so that he could make straight lines, and then he happily drew as well. And while they all drew, i read them a chapter and a half of Harry Potter. Yay!

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