Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lost tooth!

Zane has been trying to lose that tooth for months, and tonight, long after he should actually have been asleep, it finally came out and he came running down to show me. The tooth is now sitting under a glass on the table, waiting for the tooth fairy to come. (That's how we did it when we were little. Katrina and Houston both wrote the tooth fairy notes, which she answered when she left money, and as a result, Zane's tooth fairy is much more prompt than the other kids'. Throwing some money under a glass takes three seconds. Sitting down to answer questions in carefully wiggly handwriting takes a lot more effort.)

Juanito left for Seattle tonight. He'll only be gone a couple of nights, but he'll hopefully have tons of fun. A whole bunch of friends from Peru are having a reunion, and one of his friends works for the airline and was all, "Well. If you can get to Chicago, then i can get you to Seattle...." I was like, "I mean! You HAVE to go!" So he'll be doing...stuff.... And hopefully taking pictures. And should come back exhausted but hopefully happy.

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