Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Recovering from the weekend

After a weekend full of going places and doing things, today was a much calmer kind of day. I went back to work. The boys all seemed to do practically nothing all morning/early afternoon. When i came home, i took Houston to get his hair cut because it was getting surprisingly long and shaggy again.

Katrina, however, went to the pool with her friends for a friend's birthday, where she swam like crazy, got a bit sunburned, and came home absolutely exhausted. She got home at about 4:30, took a shower, and spent the rest of the day collapsed in various spots around the house. She and Emma were practically having a competition to see who could lay around the most.

I read a couple of chapters of Harry Potter to the kids, and then a chapter of Masterminds 2. We watched an episode of Psych. And that was about it for the day.

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