Friday, July 21, 2017

Houston and his loot

A couple of months ago, Houston decided that he desperately wanted to get a "Loot Crate," which is a ... crate full of loot. I don't fully understand it, but i *think* that you can choose a theme, like "Star Trek" or "Lord of the Rings" or something equally geeky. Houston, of course, chose Harry Potter. And so he ordered it and then waited and waited, eagerly watching the mailman every single day for about three weeks before finally calling them and asking why it wasn't coming. And they were all, "Oh. Oops."

And so they promised him, "Okay, so...we'll send one in two months when we have another Harry Potter one, okay?" And so he waited another two months, completely impatiently, and then started stalking the mailman again, and yesterday his Loot Crate finally arrived, and he was ecstatic! And yet, sweetheart that he is, he totally waited for me to get home from work so that i could watch him open it.

So he got that shirt, pictured up there. And a leather-bound journal. And a wand pen. And bookends. And...i think a weird brooch. And lo, he is thrilled.

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