Monday, July 17, 2017

Adventure Monday

We had a much shorter and less crazy Adventure Monday this week. We stayed in town and just kind of took our time and meandered a bit.

We started at the Eastown library, which is a KDL library rather a GRPL one, so the kids all filled out and turned in the summer reading stuff there. The KDL libraries totally have better prizes than do the Grand Rapids ones. They got envelopes of stuff like "Go to Skyzone for half a hour for free!" and "Free Frosty at Wendy's!" and "Free Pizza Hut pan pizza!" And then the librarian was all, "Okay, and you can come over here and pick out a book, and Zane was all, "TO KEEP?!?!?!" which totally made me giggle, because we were in a library. Just getting to borrow a book wouldn't be a very good prize. They all crowded around the cart of books, and Houston immediately spotted "Fablehaven" and grabbed it, at which Katrina was all, "WHAT?! I want that book!!!" but there were, sadly, no more copies. She got "City of Embers" instead, and Zane got "Hatchet." So they all walked away happy.

From there, we just walked all around Eastown, enjoying the lovely day and the pretty lake and everything.

And then we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch, which was probably the most exciting thing we've done yet, according to Houston. They were all seriously thrilled. And lo, it was delicious.

And that was about it.

And then tonight, Beth came over and we watched the next 3 episodes of Doctor Who, so we are now approximately halfway through the season that just ended. Yay!

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