Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Work stuff

I'm not sure exactly how hot it got today, but i think it must have been above 90, and the humidity was super high, which meant that it was just straight up hot out today. Which...mid-July. Of course it's hot. But it's important to know that it was hot because otherwise this will not matter as much:

Sometimes when i'm running around shelving books, it's just warm enough in the library that i use whatever book is in my hand to fan myself before putting it where it belongs. I'm all: fan, fan, fan, shelve. New book. Fan, fan, fan, shelve. Etc. Our library is old and big and difficult to keep cool, so, y'know it gets warm, is what i'm saying. But today, as i was walking by one of the vents, i noticed that it was suddenly blowing warm air. Not just not-cool, WARM. I walked into the lobby to let the librarian know, assuming that vent was broken, and steam was pouring out of the big vent in the lobby. The front doors were steamed up the way the mirror is when you get out of a hot shower.

Turns out! The maintenance guys were there trying to fix there air conditioners, but for some reason they decided that they needed to turn on the boiler and run the heat for a few minutes to fix something. So! The entire library was sweltering in moments. It was insane. After 5-10 minutes, the librarian was all, "Yeah. You should just go and sit in the back and try to cool down a little, because you're really flushed. Just...take an extra break!" And eventually they fixed the air, and an hour or so later it finally started cooling down, and ... that's the end of the story. Huh. It sounded more interesting in my head.

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