Friday, July 7, 2017


Our bed is situated so that our heads are right by the window, and so when it's hot and the windows are open, i sometimes sleep with my hand right up by the screen to get as much fresh (and hopefully slightly cooler) air as possible. And so last night, at about 3:30, i woke up when the temperature randomly and suddenly dropped a lot - i would guess at least 10 degrees. My first thought was, "Well, that's lovely," a thought that lasted about 10 seconds until the storm hit.

It went from not raining to an absolute downpour with no in-between. The wind started blowing, pelting the windows with rain. Most of the time - almost always - we can leave the windows open when it rains, because with the trees and the roof the way they are, it just never rains into the house. Last night, though, i had to run around the house closing all of the windows, because otherwise we'd have woken up to a lot of wet floors. By the time i got to Katrina's window, maybe 3 minutes after the rain started, there was already a puddle on her windowsill.

The thunder and lightning were amazing. There was apparently hail. This morning, there were giant branches and partial trees down all over the place, and a lot of the city was without power. My co-worker woke up to a trampoline in her backyard (and they don't own a trampoline). Happily, our house was untouched.

About half an hour before i got off work this afternoon, Juanito and Katrina showed up at the library. It was apparently "National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day," so they walked downtown, and when Katrina got blisters (because she was wearing flipflops), they decided to just head to my library because it was closer than home. Yay!

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