Thursday, July 20, 2017

Braces prep

Katrina is going to start the braces-getting process next week (we don't know yet what the actual plan is, if she's going to first get a device and then braces or just start on the braces right away), but in preparation, she first needed to go get X-rays and molds and impressions and stuff. We happened to be there when nobody else had appointments (benefit of going early during the summer!), so i got to go back with her. Usually parents aren't allowed in the back, partly because there's not enough room, but mostly because of HIPAA. My favorite part was the X-rays. She got one panoramic of her head from ear to ear, and one of her head in profile. The panoramic one just looked fairly creepy, but the profile one was awesome! It was her perfect little skull, with just a ghost of her actual face over it, and it was absolutely fascinating. I would love to have had more time to look at it!

Katrina and Houston (who is also getting proper braces next week) are both clamoring to eat all of their favorite things that they're not going to be able to eat once they have braces. Bagels! Caramel! Mike 'n Ikes! Popcorn! Katrina is all, "Can we get like...3 King-sized Twix bars? Because they're my favorite, but they caramel so i won't be able to eat them!!!" And Houston is all, "We need to get Asiago bagels at least ONCE before next week!" Poor almost-going-to-be-deprived kids.

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  1. I remember those days...but I am pretty sure I ate bagels and probably popcorn too. :)