Friday, July 28, 2017

Pizza! Movie! Night!

It was pizza-movie night tonight! That's my pizza on the left and Katrina's on the right. She doesn't like pizza sauce...or any toppings, really, so her "pizza" consists of the crust, barbecue sauce, and just the teeniest bit of cheese. It's ridiculous, but it is actually making progress, because until a few months ago, her "pizza" was just a loaf of bread made from her portion of the pizza dough. Super healthy. Maybe someday we'll get her to the point where she actually adds toppings.

Zane's "pizza," meanwhile is usually several little different bits of things that he makes. He'll have a few little balls of bread, a pizza-ish thing with olives and feta cheese, some breadsticks.... He, like Katrina, does not like pizza sauce or anything resembling it, so he basically just eats bread. Bread is totally a healthy meal. Shut up. (When we have spaghetti, both of them just eat the plain noodles. If my children make it to adulthood without my wrecking them, it'll be a miracle)

A few weeks ago, Katrina was like, "So when should i read Twilight?" and Beth, Juanito, and i all simultaneously yelled, "Never!" (Which, i mean, sure, go ahead and read it. I have. But it's so not worth it.) And then the kids were all like, "When can we watch the movies?" and we adults all went, "Huh. I mean...they're totally, totally stupid, but they're not inappropriate. And it might be fun to watch them and just mock them like crazy...." And so. A couple of weeks ago, we watched the first movie and all laughed like crazy and mocked mercilessly. And today we watched the second one and all rolled our eyes an insane amount and mocked mercilessly. And Beth made cookies of moons and wolves, and they were awesome.

So to sum up: We are watching the dumbest movies ever while two of the kids eat food that is basically nothing but carbs, and we are all enjoying ourselves immensely.

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