Friday, July 1, 2016

Zane's new fish

Yesterday, Zane's fish Velvet died in a tragic fish-bowl-cleaning-related accident.

See, he and Katrina have both had their fish for about a week, and they want to be good pet owners, so they wanted to change their fish's water. Juanito devised this fancy cleaning system that involved a giant mop bucket, hoses, pumps, and ... i don't even know what else. It was meant to suck the old water out and then pump new water in. And unfortunately, it also sucked up Zane's fish.

Zane was absolutely crushed. He was all, "I really wanted to keep my fish alive for longer than a week!" And, "I don't think i should get another fish! Because i don't want to kill another one!"

I consoled him and promised him that it was not his fault at all, and this afternoon he happily went to the store to get himself a new fish. This one's name is Diamond, and our goal is to keep him alive for at least two weeks this time.

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